Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Anita's keynote on the Future of Mars Exploration from the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris France.

TEDx Palo Alto

In Anita's second TEDX talk, in the heart of Silicon Valley, she speaks about How Complexity Arises in the Universe.

TEDx Liverpool

In Anita's first TEDx talk she speaks about the future of transportation with the hyperloop.

The Royal Institution

In Anita's second public science lecture at the Royal Institute in Great Britain. She talks talk about the future of transportation from hyperloops, to supersonic flight, to autonomous air taxis. Originally started in 1795, to bring science to the general public, the royal institution has housed the research labs of Michael Faraday, Henry Dewar, and William Bragg. 

In her first Royal Institution of Science Lecture she spoke about the motivation behind the Robotic exploration of Mars. The Royal Institute was started to share science and  technology advances with the general public over 200 years ago and has  housed the laboratories of Michael Faraday, William Bragg and Henry  Dewar, to name a few of its luminaries. 

The Cold Atom Laboratory

In her Von Karman Public Lecture on the Cold Atom Laboratory, Anita speaks about the mission she led from a concept to a laser cooling facility now on board the International space station, creating the coldest spot in the Universe.

The Science of the Cold Atom Laboratory

7 Minutes of Terror

The Team Behind the Landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover.